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Tim van Bakel


I once experienced that people stood in line waiting for four hours just to be able to buy some food with discount, while the discount was just 1 euro! This experience and many other experiences as an international student made me realise just how lucky we are being born in the Netherlands. I want to share this luck with other children too so that they will always be able get food and more than that, that they have a chance for a better future! 


Mark Enderink 

 General Member Board

Thanks to my international study, I already had the opportunity to interact with different cultures. The possibility to live in Asia for half a year has made me realize that there are big differences in living conditions around the world. For us basic needs are very 'normal', but for many people in the world they have to fight for these rights. Many people live in poverty and most children do not have the opportunity to go to school. That's why I want to do something for these children, and give them a better future.

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